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Gender-Fluid Teen Can Now Run for Homecoming Queen!


Gender-Fluid Teen Can Now Run for Homecoming Queen!

The school principal initially said that he wasn’t eligible.

by Danielle Sinay

Earlier this week, “Gender-fluid” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary, and Kennedy Cooley made history as his school’s first transgender football player.

Now there’s even MORE exciting news for the LGBTQ community: Florida teen Anthony Martinez, who identifies as gender-fluid, can now run for homecoming queen!

Anthony’s request was initially denied: the school principal declared him ineligable because he is “a boy.” Anthony was heartbroken, especially because his boyfriend was planning to run as king.

“I started crying,” Anthony told WFTV 9. “It made me really emotional considering how hard I was trying to be queen.”

In a very happy turn of events, however, a spokesperson for the school reached out to WFTV 9 with a correction: Anthony could in fact run for homecoming queen, explaining that the principal hadn’t “consulted with the central office, but made what he thought was an appropriate decision at the time.” The manager of media relations for Orange County Public Schools described the incident as a “misunderstanding, as the principal eventually  “discovered that [Anthony] identifies as gender fluid,” making him eligible to run for queen.

“If this child wants to do this, he’s more than welcome to,” the manager continued. “We’re fine with that.”  

Hopefully Anthony’s homecoming campaign will serve as inspiration for other LGBTQ youth, because your identity should never keep you from following your dreams.

Congratulations, Anthony! No matter what happens at homecoming, you’re the winner in our hearts.

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