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BFFriday: We Really Want Carson Lueders and Matty B To Collab


BFFriday: We Really Want Carson Lueders and Matty B To Collab

See why these BFFs would also make a great musical duo.

 We know you guys love Carson Lueders. 

And we know you guys love Matty B.

But what’s better than one pop superstar? TWO POP SUPERSTARS THAT ARE BFFS. Duh.

These guys have known each other for a while – here’s a photo of them after Matty’s concert in LA more than 2 years ago!

And just look at the evolution that this fan noticed!

From Venice Beach to The Teen Choice Awards, these guys are always hanging when they’re in the same city.

Have you seen this video of them hanging with Johnny Orlando and YSBnow’s Natasha at Teen Choice 2016?

Did you guys catch them live on this week? They are SO FUNNY when they’re together.

Check out the epic vids they made!

Fans noticed that they both looked so happy when they were hanging out and we see it too!

Fans also noticed that Carson was on the set of Matty B’s music video yesterday…we wonder if he was just hanging out and supporting his BFF or if he’s in the vid!

We love these two and we can’t wait to see what they do next! Say it with us guys – “COLLAB! COLLAB! COLLAB!”

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