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BREAKING: Jake Miller Postpones His Overnight Tour


BREAKING: Jake Miller Postpones His Overnight Tour

“I am just as heartbroken as all of you,” he shares

Ever since Jake Miller announced his Overnight tour back in November, we were so psyched to see him perform our fave songs from his latest EP. Jake always puts on an incredible, high-energy show, he loves meeting his fans, and his opening acts – MAX and Spencer Sutherland, were great additions to the lineup.

Unfortunately, Jake just announced that his tour, which was set to kick off next week in Florida, has been postponed. The keyword here is that it’s POSTPONED, not canceled. And knowing how much Jake loves his fans (aka The #Millertary), we know he’s gonna make up for it big-time, especially because he’ll have more time to rehearse and plan some major surprises for you! Here’s the official announcement, directly from Jake:

Another thing we love about Jake is that he always stays positive:

But we’ve gotta disagree here. Jake, it’s not a comeback, because you’ve always been on top. And we know you’re just gonna keep getting higher.

In the meantime, check out the hot new track Jake released yesterday, and our latest interview:

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