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Burger King’s Anti-Bullying Video Is So Eye-Opening


Burger King’s Anti-Bullying Video Is So Eye-Opening

Why is it easier for us to speak up when our food order is wrong than to stop bullies?

Did you know that the number one act of violence against kids in America today is bullying? Unfortunately, you have probably either witnessed someone getting harassed around you, or have come into contact with some awful bullies at school or online yourself. While many celebs and teen activists are working together to change this, now Burger King has created one of the most powerful anti-bullying ads around.

That’s right: Burger King. You may know the fast food chain best for Whoppers and fries, but their trending new ad campaign just used a touch of humor to shine a little light on a very serious problem about reporting incidents of bullying.

BK turned one of their restaurants into a hidden camera test experiment. A group of teens (who are actors!) acted out a bullying scenario in one of Burger King’s booths to see how real customers would respond. Then, the cooks served up some sub-par burgers to those same customers to gauge how they’d react to their Whopper Jr. orders being less than delicious.

Surprisingly (or maybe not enough so), more people stood up for their “bullied” burgers than they did the kids they saw being publicly picked on. It may be really hard to speak up for your friends or classmates if you see them being treated unfairly. But this ad really drives home the point: if you can tell chefs when your order isn’t prepared correctly, it’s possible to get help for someone who needs it.

Watch Burger King’s ad in the video player below to see exactly what happened.

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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