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Candice Huffine Takes Up Running To Be Active


Candice Huffine Takes Up Running To Be Active

Spoiler alert: It WASN’T to change her body type

When Candice Huffine started posting fitness photos on her Instagram, people automatically assumed it was to change her body type.


When she signed up to run the New York City half marathon, people would ask: “How can you train so hard and still be a size 12?” “When it came to doing the half marathon, people immediately thought that I was trying to change my body — that I no longer wanted to be a curvy woman. And that I was starting to implement this new active lifestyle in order to completely change the way I look and be a different person,” Candice told Women’s Running for its Nov/Dec cover story.


But Candice wasn’t interested in losing weight. She picked up running after her husband, a longtime runner, asked her to jog a few miles with him. “I went from nothing,” she says. “I was very slow and would walk occasionally.”


She then became obsessed with running and then completed three half marathons in 2016. “You feel good,”  Candice continued. “I guess that’s the runner’s high!”


Now the 32 year old model hopes her positive experience as a size 12 runner who went from nothing to running 13.1 miles will inspire other women to take up the sport.


“I come from the plus-size modeling world, where body image is a huge topic,” Candice concluded. “Breaking down barriers is what I’ve been trying to do for my whole career. Curvy women should be in media. Curvy women can be on TV. We can wear amazing fashion. We belong. We are needed. It’s vital for women to see diverse women that they can relate to.”


Candice inspire us to lace up our running shoes and hit the track. We love that the bullies didn’t get to her and she picked up running because she wanted to! She reminds us all that you’re so beautiful now!


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