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These Curvy Modern Disney Princesses Will Give You LIFE


These Curvy Modern Disney Princesses Will Give You LIFE

Because realistic waistlines are magical

By: Emily J

It seems that no matter where you look, Disney Princesses are getting a new look. Artists and illustrators have imagined our favorite princesses with realistic waistlines and in trendy, modern clothing but we haven’t seen the two together.


Up until now!



Lifestyle and beauty illustrator, Jonquel Norwood, who likes to “emphasize plus size women” in her work, just re-created our childhood icons in a new and refreshing way. Not just with fuller figures but with a fashionable wardrobe to boot.



Jonquel is a “huge fan” of Disney, she told the Huffington Post. She was inspired by the new study that the new average for American women is a size 16-18. She also drew inspiration from Refinery29’s recent statistic that 67% of women are plus size. “Yet, we have very little positive representation in the media,” she continued.


“For over 75 years, the Disney Princesses have been ingrained in our minds as the first pictures of beauty, grace and lifestyle. But there has been a lack of diversity amongst them,” Jonquel said about her “Magic Has No Size” series.


Belle, Jasmine, Aurora, and the rest of the Disney Princess gang are dressed in looks inspired by actual plus size clothing from Christian Siriano, Rue 107, and Society+.


We never thought we would see Disney Princess gang like this but we’re loving it! Jonquel, you definitely just gave us the best kind of happy ending!


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