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Ceci Balagot Shares Her Thoughts on Body Hair Standards


Ceci Balagot Shares Her Thoughts on Body Hair Standards

“FIRM believer in shaving as a personal preference,” the “Girl Meets World” actress says.

Shaving is such a personal choice: some of us love the silky-smooth feeling we get after we shave our legs or underarms, while others among us love to embrace the natural body hair we have, wherever it may be. Still, many people – especially girls – feel like they have to keep a freshly-waxed appearance at all times, or risked being shamed for their body hair. “Girl Meets World” actress Ceci Balagot noticed this unfair standard coming up a lot, so she posted a statement about her thoughts on social media.

“Random thought bc i don’t post enough and couldn’t think of a caption: body hair is like ? beautiful and normal ? so why are people (especially women) being shamed into shaving and being made to feel as if it is unnatural and repulsive to have body hair ?” Ceci shared on her Instagram. “FIRM believer in shaving as a personal preference. body hair is not hygiene related; if it’s acceptable for men to have armpit hair, then why is it ‘dirty’ for women to have armpit hair ? ??double standards !! shave or don’t ! stay oughta other people’s hair !”

We love the way Ceci put it: it’s all about personal preference, and nobody else should have the right to make you feel bad about whether you want to shave or not.

Take a look at her Insta post below to get in on the discussion with her below.

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