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Cody Simpson Is 20 – See His Journey Through The Years!


Cody Simpson Is 20 – See His Journey Through The Years!

From Australia to Hollywood, watch him grow up right before your eyes

It feels like just yesterday we were singing along to “Iyiyi,” and now, young Cody Simpson is no longer a teen! Let’s talk about his career thus far…

1. Cody was first discovered after posting covers to YouTube – like Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours.” Watch it now!

2. A producer named Shawn Campbell flew Cody to the US and Cody signed his first record deal. His debut single, released in June of 2010, featured Flo Rida:

3. But “All Day” became Cody’s first big hit – he even performed it on “So Random.”

4. Cody scored his movie soundtrack debut when he recorded “I Want Candy” for 2011’s “Hop.”

5. But in 2012, Cody started showcasing a more mature sound in his music, like this single featuring Becky G:

6. Then, in 2013, Cody started dating Gigi Hadid, who starred in his “Surfboard” music video:

7. He competed on Season 19 of “Dancing With The Stars” and finished in ninth place:

8. In 2014, Cody parted ways with his record label and began releasing the style of music he loves, like “New Problems.”

9. He still loves surfing:

10. And has a side project, Coast House Records, that he started with his friends Corey and Adrian:

It’s crazy to see how much Cody’s accomplished over the past seven years, and we’re so happy to see him so happy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CODY!

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