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ColourPop’s Product Names Are Racist and BAD


ColourPop’s Product Names Are Racist and BAD


by Danielle Sinay

Today in WTF News: ColourPop’s new product names are seriously problematic.

ColourPop released twelve different shades of “Sculpting Six,” which is cool, right? Well, no, the darker shades’ names were horrible.

While the paler shades of Stix were called things like “Illuminati” and “Venice,” the darker shades were named “Dume,” “Yikes,” and “Typo.”


Meanwhile, a few shades lighter is called “CASTLE.” 

They do realize people say “yikes” when they’re scared, right…?

This isn’t the first time ColourPop’s products have proven to be problematic. Han, a 17 year old who expressed her distaste with the products on Twitter, told Buzzfeed that they also “named their liquid lipstick Gypsy, which is a derogatory term used against Romani people.”

Um, I think it’s time to hire new make-up-namers, y’all.


Many took to Twitter to voice their concerns.

Understandably so.

Fortunately, ColourPop has apologized, claiming they’ve taken immediate action to change their products’ names.

Well, that’s a start, I guess.

Until then, we certainly won’t be purchasing any ColourPop products.

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