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This Model Got Her Period at Fashion Week


This Model Got Her Period at Fashion Week

And she really wants to talk about it.

Periods ruin everything – like our favorite underwear. But for nineteen-year-old model, Victoria Cain, it’s a lot more than that: it puts her career at risk, too.

Victoria opened up what it’s like to get your period as a model, because while bloating sucks for everyone, it’s that much more brutal if you’re strutting down the catwalk.

The first time Victoria’s period affected her modeling was during a photo shoot. And if that’s not scary enough as is, she was the only girl on set. Victoria got a “surprise (period) attack” and felt “stressed,” worried she would leak on the clothing. And more recently, during Fashion Week – the most overwhelming week of the year for anyone in the industry –  that feeling returned with a vengeance.

Victoria went on to explain that what worried her out most about getting her period at Fashion Week was her acne-prone skin, as “it’s like my period is smack bang on my face.” She often skips castings while menstruating, as she’d rather not compete with those with “perfect complexions.”

Victoria also confessed to struggling with maintaining healthy diet, because like everybody else, her period causes her to crave sugary and fattening food.

Victoria recognizes the fact that, “a lot of people can’t see behind the glitz and glam of modeling,” and that “it can be rough at times.” And she wants people to know, that even as a model, periods need to be talked about. After all, they’re “just human nature,” they’re “a natural thing and they happen to half the population.” 

Victoria has started to carry tampons with her, but believes that “sanitary items should be free” and would “love to see this change in the near future.” We would too, Victoria!

Sanitary items and products should be accessible to everyone who needs them, because periods are already nerve-wracking enough. Your period should never get in your way, whether you’re walking the runway or hallway. 

Thanks for your honesty, Victoria! Wear your tampon with pride.

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