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COLTON HAYNES: “Anxiety put me in the hospital countless times.”


COLTON HAYNES: “Anxiety put me in the hospital countless times.”

The “Arrow” Actor Reveals His Private Struggle

Colton Haynes is living the Hollywood dream. However, he bravely posted a series of tweets that revealed his private struggle. For most of his life, Colton has battled an anxiety disorder, and it’s stopped him from attending important family events and movie auditions. It’s even gotten so bad that he’s spent time in the hospital.

Mental illnesses are particularly difficult to handle since there aren’t many physical symptoms, and because those suffering often do so in silence.

Fortunately, Colton, along with other stars like Demi Lovato and 5SOS’ Michael Clifford, are using their star power to make mental illness easier to talk about, and to help others not feel so alone in their pain.

See all of Colton’s tweets below, and if you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to tell someone – a teacher, parent, coach, or aunt. It’s okay not to be okay and it’s important to speak up before things get worse.

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