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CONCERT REVIEW: Sabrina Carpenter’s Singular Tour Is Magical and Empowering


CONCERT REVIEW: Sabrina Carpenter’s Singular Tour Is Magical and Empowering

Go inside the artist’s latest tour stops in NJ and NYC!

Every single person in the crowd at a Sabrina Carpenter concert has a story about how they found themselves there. 

I heard a lot of those tales when I had the chance to attend two of the artist’s latest Singular Tour stops in New York City and Montclair, New Jersey this week. The groups of friends who met through their Sabrina fan accounts online and bonded over their shared love of music. The high schoolers who are using their spring break to attend as many Singular Tour stops as humanly possible. The college business major who heard the bop of a single “Sue Me” on the radio just recently, instantly downloaded the Singular Act I album, and found herself buying a ticket to her local show before she could think twice. The dad who says he’s maybe a little tired of bringing his daughters to all these concerts… but maybe just one more.

If you’ve followed my YSBnow concert reviews before, you know I have been lucky enough to experience MANY thrilling Sabrina shows over the years, and they always leave me in my feelings. Watching how far she’s come in her career will fill any longtime fan up with immense pride. But she also makes us all feel like we’re such an important part of her process. At her meet and greets, she has this magical ability of making every fan feel like they’re the most special human being in the entire universe.

Similarly, her concerts are all unique experiences, and this Singular Tour is no exception. Yes, I saw two Sabrina shows within four days. No, I was not bored (not even for a second) and nothing felt repetitive. I would go again tomorrow, or next Friday, or literally whenever she decides to come back to my area. Her fan interactions are so fun, genuine, and unscripted, that you never know what you’ll get. Plus, I cried my first night when Sabrina performed a raw and emotional new song called “Exhale,” and I teared up all over again for my next show even when I KNEW it was coming. 

At the New Jersey show, Sabrina debuted her latest single “Pushing 20” for the first time since officially releasing the upbeat jam. If I didn’t go to a second show in NYC, I would have missed a special guest appearance when UHMEER hit the stage for “Hold Tight.” These are all important moments!

The Singular Act I album is full of power anthems and inspiring messages that make for epic playlist additions. Sabrina’s latest songs remind us that it’s beautiful not to be perfect, that everyone feels unsteady while they’re growing up, and that knowing your worth is the greatest source of personal empowerment. When Sabrina performs songs like “Prfct” live, it’s like she is revealing a special story for each of us. Admittedly, “Diamonds Are Forever” isn’t my favorite track on the studio album, but I got SO pumped up when Sabrina performed it live, letting its incredible sass loose. Overnight, it became my new go-to.

This tour, Sabrina is flanked by incredible dancers, epic lighting effects, and her trusted band. She brings all of these songs — and a mix of her older hits — to life as soon as she hits the stage in her fierce, sparkling costumes.

While every Sabrina fan showed up at the theater with different motivations driving them, it’s clear that each music lover walked out of the venue with a new favorite track, a new friendship, or a new appreciation for the hard work and passion the performer puts into her live shows. The Singular Tour brings fans together as one family, and we’ll all be patiently coasting off of that incredible love until her next performance.

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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