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Debby Ryan Opens Up About How “Jessie” Changed Her Career


Debby Ryan Opens Up About How “Jessie” Changed Her Career

This is the most emotional tribute to the Disney Channel show EVER.

One of our favorite Disney Channel shows, “Jessie,” just celebrated a big milestone: on September 30, 2011, the series premiered for the first time on television. That means it has been 6 years since we first experienced the show. Can you even believe it?

Actress and producer Debby Ryan can barely comprehend how it has been that long, but she took to Twitter to commemorate the series’ anniversary by sharing her own take on how “Jessie” changed her life. The record-breaking series took her career in totally new directions, and gave her some of her own noteworthy career milestones. As an added bonus, Debby shared the BEST throwback pics from the show, melting our hearts as she explained her story.

Debby started off by calling “Jessie” her “dream job,” which she was able to be very hands-on involved in, even though she was barely out of school.

She also shared her pride for how much Karan Brar, Peyton List, Cameron Boyce, and Skai Jackson have grown… and are killing it right now.

Debby shouted out the team who made their characters come to life.

Through Debby’s onscreen AND production work, she broke records and set some of her own.

Plus, she is forever impressed by the way the series opened up new discussions and focused on important topics.

Coming on to “Jessie” after years of work on “Suite Life,” Debby says she knew the experience wouldn’t be the same… but it ended up being a different kind of rewarding.

Debby’s feeling extra nostalgic as she’s moving on with other exciting new projects in her career right now, and is working for them all to be as special as her past ones.

It is SO beautiful seeing Debby thank the fans, even years after the show wrapped. Especially since the show and its cast and characters still mean so much to people!

We can’t wait to see what lies up ahead next for Debby and the rest of the “Jessie” fam.

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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