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Finn Wolfhard Opens Up About Why Social Media Following Shouldn’t Define Success


Finn Wolfhard Opens Up About Why Social Media Following Shouldn’t Define Success

The “Stranger Things” star knows likes aren’t everything.

Finn Wolfhard currently has over two million followers on Instagram, but he wants you to know that hugely daunting number is not what defines success for him. In a new interview, the “Stranger Things” and “It” star said that he is definitely not about people growing their social media numbers instead of working hard to grow their talents.

“What’s frustrating is how much social media drives creative choice,” Finn told Paper magazine. “Actors should be able to just act, but instead they have to worry about posting and how many followers they have. I am glad that people follow me and like my posts, but I’m not hiring bot farms to boost the numbers and I’m not changing who I am or what I believe in or how I post because I’m doing this project now or that project next week.”

His words don’t just apply to actors: it’s so easy to feel like someone with more social media followers than you is therefore more popular or well-liked. Others’ posts can make you think they are doing way more fun stuff than you are, or they are more successful at following their goals. But it is important to keep in mind that your social media following doesn’t define your worth, so it shouldn’t dictate what you do in life.

Finn says that to him, success is actually “getting to do what you love.”

“I’m just going to keep doing what I like to do and hope that works,” he added about his quest to further foster his career and not worry about being a social media presence. “I try not to care about stuff that I don’t have any control over.”

Wise words!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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