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Debby Ryan Shares Her Body Positivity Motivation


Debby Ryan Shares Her Body Positivity Motivation

Because “swimsuit season” can be really tough sometimes.

June is officially here, which means we’re replacing all the stresses of school and homework with daydreams about days spent poolside or hanging out at the beach. But that’s not to say the sunniest season comes without its own share of pressures and anxiety. For some of us, the thought of getting into a swimsuit and being around other people sounds like the worst possible idea in the world, and one that makes us confront all of our body insecurities at once.

But luckily, Debby Ryan is swooping in to share her own story of facing her self-criticisms head-on, along with some impactful words of advice on how to work toward body positivity and not let those negative thoughts take over your fun summer vacay.

“Swimsuit season can be so triggering, for me since hiding swaddled in a towel for my 13th birthday pool party,” the actress posted on her Instagram. “I’m deciding this year that there’s too much cute swimwear to let myself be weird about it anymore. Everyone’s a different kind of gorgeous, so love swim you’re in! For every unretouched photo we share with #AerieREAL, @Aerie is gonna donate $1 (up to $25K) to @NEDA #sponsored (The National Eating Disorders Association).”

What a great message!

We love how Debby is not only using her voice to remind us how important accepting our true beauty really is, but also helping spread the word on eating disorder awareness.

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