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Demi Lovato Explains Why She’s Not Into Fitness Inspo Instagrams


Demi Lovato Explains Why She’s Not Into Fitness Inspo Instagrams

The singer is more about the journey than the comparisons.

Sometimes following fitness Instagrams for workout inspiration can feel like a trap. On one hand, it can be really inspiring to see people you admire hitting the gym and building a community around their workout goals. But on the other hand, it can be really easy to start comparing yourself to others, wondering why you aren’t getting the same results, why you’re not advancing as quickly, or why you don’t look like the photos you see on social media. It’s something Demi Lovato knows really well.

If you follow the star on social media, you know that she is intense when it comes to her gym sessions. We love seeing the singer posting fitness pics of her own, and sharing the story behind her workout motivation. The star has found that hitting the gym helps her combat her own body image issues, — but that doesn’t mean she wants her followers to start tracking her every move in efforts to copy her results. Instead, Demi shared that she hopes to inspire her fans with how she practices her own self-care.

“Working out really empowers me. It makes me feel stronger. It makes me feel more confident. That, but also…doing things that will empower me, like going to therapy and doing things to really take care of myself,” she shared in a new interview with SELF. “I have a hot tub, I get massages, too. Massages are probably my favorite. It’s important that your body rests and that it gets taken care of.”

Demi knows it can be tempting to think “fitness inspo” accounts on Instagram hold the key to success in your training. But the star wants her followers to know that the process is about sharing and not comparing.

“I’m not a huge fan of Instagram stuff when it comes to fitness just because you can do a lot of comparing and sometimes it just seems unobtainable with the way that people work out and look a certain way,” she added.

Demi has found a system that works for her, and doesn’t place too much emphasis on her weight or physical appearance. Instead, she’s celebrating milestones that she is achieving through her workout routines.

“Because I’ve started training MMA and because now I feel like I’m able to protect myself, it’s given me a confidence that I didn’t have before and I didn’t realize I was missing. I just feel safe and proud of myself that I know these skills,” she told Coveteur. It also helps with my mental clarity—taking care of my body helps my mind.”

Demi’s outlook on fitness is way more inspiring than any random workout pics we may stumble across online! Just further proof that she’s got one of the best accounts to follow for some genuine motivation.

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