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Demi Lovato’s Complete Hair Transformation


Demi Lovato’s Complete Hair Transformation

From “Camp Rock’s” Mitchie, to “Body Say” Beauty!

We love watching how celebs change their fashion or hair styles through the years. Today we’re talking Demi Lovato’s hair. With each change she grows more and more confident (pun not intended) and gorgeous!


Camp Rock days were when we all fell in love with Demi, right? With her simple, wavy hair and side-swept bangs!


Her next big change was going darker in 2010. We loved this bold look she rocked!


In 2011, Demi let her hair down, like way down! This lighter and longer look literally made her glow on any occasion.


Cue the changing colors! Demi kept her signature style but spiced it up with a little red dye in 2012!


In 2013, Demi went edgy with light blonde hair and dark roots.

Then the coolest look was for the premiere of Frozen!

Demi is one of the only people who could pull off this bright blue and black look!


Instead of just switching up the colors, this time Demi switched up the cut. With a shaved side, she looked fierce and trendy!


Keeping it short, Demi sported a sleek short ‘do looking super fierce!


#Nostalgia at its finest right?! We all got major Camp Rock vibes when she rocked some extensions for a very short time.

Demi went back to the short cut, where she stayed slaying and looked super fierce.


In 2017, Demi went back to rocking long, sleek, and super glam hair.

But at this month’s Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, Demi was “Cool for the Summer” with this super fun bob!

What’s been your favorite one of Demi’s hairstyles? Tell us on social media!

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