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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The “Andi Mack” Cast’s #ChipotleChat


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The “Andi Mack” Cast’s #ChipotleChat

The stars of Disney Channel’s newest series share their orders – plus, who loves hot sauce!

After screening the first two episodes, we can officially tell you that Andi Mack is legit our new favorite show. We got to sit down with the cast and talk about everything from the cast’s hidden talents to their hometowns!

When Joshua, Emily, Peyton, Sofia, and Asher told us that one of their fave spots to hang is Chipotle, we had to ask about their orders! And they told us about a dare that involved hot sauce! Watch the exclusive interview below, and don’t miss  the show’s official Disney Channel premiere on April 7!

In the meantime, you can click here to watch the first episode on YouTube!

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