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Dove Cameron Almost Wasn’t Part of Disney Channel


Dove Cameron Almost Wasn’t Part of Disney Channel

Can you imagine it any other way?!

We can’t imagine Disney Channel without Dove Cameron. From her TV series “Liv and Maddie” to her incredible work as Mal in the “Descendants” franchise, her roles are such a huge part of our lives. But in a recent interview, the actress confessed that she almost didn’t make it on to Disney in the first place!

“I used to get people turning me down for roles all the time and the No. 1 thing would be, ‘She’s too edgy, she’s making us uncomfortable.’ So this kind of role has been something that I’ve always wanted to play and felt I should be playing,” Dove told Entertainment Weekly.

In her earliest Disney auditions, the feedback she would receive was that she was too edgy – and not very funny.

“Always, since I was 15 and signed on to work for the Disney Channel, it was a huge surprise to me that they even wanted me at all,” Dove explained. “When I first auditioned for Disney Channel a whole bunch of times, they didn’t want me. They were like, ‘She’s not funny, she’s really intense, she’s coming off something edgy, she’s kind of strange,’ and then it ended up working with the twin show, because I got to do so many things on that show and I got to be two very dramatic characters. Then I learned about comedy and became funny.”

Can you believe it? It’s true that her Disney characters do have multi-dimensional personality traits though. Like how Mal is good AND evil, all at once. Working on these projects definitely taught her even more skills. And in her new “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” role, she gets to show us that raw edginess even more!

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