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#WayBackWednesday: Blake Michael Shares Some “Lemonade Mouth” Memories


#WayBackWednesday: Blake Michael Shares Some “Lemonade Mouth” Memories

It’s almost the 7-year anniversary of the Disney Channel Original Movie!

Can you believe it has been almost 7 years since “Lemonade Mouth” first premiered on Disney Channel back in April 2011? The movie’s still so fresh in our memories, it’s almost like it debuted last summer. But in reality, so much time has passed – and so many changes have happened for the cast. Ahead of the DCOM’s anniversary, actor Blake Michael – who played Charlie in the fan-beloved film – took to Instagram to bless us with some throwback photos and on-set memories. (He never forgets to pay tribute, and for that we are grateful!)

First up, Blake posted a cast photo taken when he and his co-stars journeyed to New York to promote the movie. Along with some context for the pic, he shared some wisdom he has learned since that moment.

“?? ?? we were so nervous. The time we had billboards all over Times Square and performed live on Good Morning America – our first live performance. ?? We got there something like 5am which was insane because we had flown in the night before and barely got any sleep,” he explained. “The performance was a success and we flew ?? right back out for our premiere the next day, yellow carpet and all. Flying back with the cast was exciting, because we knew in just a mere 20 hours our movie Lemonade Mouth would be shown to millions of people around the world. We had only hoped some people would appreciate it. I think we underestimated.”

“The movie ?? was one of the most viewed dcoms. Our album charted at #4 on billboard 200… and as of 2012 – a year after its release – was only 98k shy of becoming gold?? I have a feeling it probably passed that benchmark,” Blake shared. “I know some people won’t forget this film. And the music. I just hope the message lives on. Raise your voice and be heard about what you believe in. Stand up to society and …determinate.”

It’s a message – and song! – that truly lives forever.

Blake also shared a red carpet photo from a fan event the cast attended together, and poked some fun at his wild hairstyle.

“Throwback to 2011 and that very, very long hair. Should I buzz it off?” Blake captioned this photo.

Hey, we happen to still love this style! And the behind-the-scenes stories about the cast’s experience. Thanks so much for sharing, Blake!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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