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Dove Cameron Is Helping Out Endangered Animals


Dove Cameron Is Helping Out Endangered Animals

The Disney Channel star is literally out here adopting a tiger.

Just because the last of our Thanksgiving leftovers have been cleared up doesn’t mean that the time for giving back is over. In fact, it’s always the perfect occasion to make a difference, and Dove Cameron is showing it! The “Descendants” actress actually just adopted a tiger in order to help endangered animals around the world.

Yes, really. But no, not as a pet! That would defeat the point!

Dove symbolically supported an animal through a donation to the World Wildlife Fund, and is sharing info with her fans who may be interested in doing the same.

Dove tweeted that she had to get involved when she learned just how endangered tigers really are.

When you “adopt” an animal through the WWF, you can put your donation money to use helping your favorite animals. The organization also offers a special package option.

With specific donations, you can pick up a plush toy of your choice animal, along with an adoption certificate and more info on the cause.

If you love animals as much as Dove (or know someone in your life who does!) this is also a great gift option to consider for the holidays!

Check out the links above to get involved!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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