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Dylan Riley Snyder Pays Tribute After His Dad Passes Away


Dylan Riley Snyder Pays Tribute After His Dad Passes Away

Our hearts are with the Disney XD actor at this difficult time.

Our hearts go out to Dylan Riley Snyder at this very difficult time. The Disney XD “Kickin’ It” actor revealed that his father recently passed away, and his family is dealing with the devastating loss.

“l love you daddy. Life will never be the same without you,” Dylan posted on Instagram, sharing sweet pics with his dad.

But while posting his emotional tribute photos, Dylan noticed something special. Another family member’s FitBit seemed to read “Les,” Dylan’s father’s name.

“l see that you’re already sending me signs though,” he shared. “Les was written on my brother in-laws Fitbit. I? know it says 5:37, but the timing and circumstance was key. I’m keeping a lookout. #ripdaddy,” he posted. Talk about a meaningful sign, shining some brightness in this sad time.

After taking some time for himself, Dylan returned to Instagram to thank fans for their support.

He posted another tribute message for his dad too: this time, a precious childhood throwback pic.

“Thank you all for all of the messages and support. It’s been an extremely long week, and I? appreciate your kindness and understanding,” he posted.

“Came across this gem while going through some stuff. I? miss you daddy ??.”

Stay strong, Dylan! We are with you.

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