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Easy DIY Holiday Gift Ideas


Easy DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

These are some seriously creative & adorable last minute gifts!

The holidays are right around the corner and if you need a last minute gift that isnt a wrapped up avocado, we got you covered.

These 3 creative ideas are DIY, affordable and easy for you to put together for a family member, friend or an anonymous gift-giving game!


1. Jar of Fun!

Find yourself a cheap mason jar and fill it up with pretty little things like makeup, candy, or cute and cozy socks. A gift card to the receiver’s favorite store could be awesome too. Add a ribbon or painted decoration on the jar for some extra personalization!


2. Hot Cocoa Kit

Everyone loves a good mug of hot cocoa during the winter and especially around the holiday times! At Starbucks you can find super cute mugs like this one. Get a pretty travel mug and fill it with hot cocoa ingredients and maybe even a Starbucks gift card if your receiver is super lucky!


3. Mistle-Toes!

This idea is so adorable for anyone who deserves a little spa time!

Find a cozy and cute pair of slippers, Target has some great ones, and fill them with nail polish and manicure tools from Ulta or a drugstore and holiday scented lotions from Bath & Body Works!


Let us know if you have any creative gift ideas and tweet us @ysbnow!

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