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Rowan Blanchard Pens Powerful Message To Sexist Instagram Commenters


Rowan Blanchard Pens Powerful Message To Sexist Instagram Commenters

“I hope I can help change what it means to be a girl.”

“Girl Meets World” star Rowan Blanchard had to disable comments on one of her Instagram photos recently due to an overwhelming amount of commenters sexualizing her body.

The 15-year-old directed the following heartbreaking and inspiring caption towards those haters:

“Being a girl is the worst. Grown men, get off my page if you’re going to comment disgusting vulgar things. Moms, get off my page [because] I didn’t sign up to raise your children. Young women shaming me, I’m sorry this world could not teach you your body is natural. I hope I can change that. I hope I can change what it means to be a girl. As of now, I am sad and cannot escape that title and what comes along with that. Maybe I’m naïve to think I could be the exception. Maybe all your terrifying words are helping to prove my point. Hopefully someone’s listening.”

We are listening, Rowan! We stand by you, and are so sorry that you’re feeling alone. Being a girl is a beautiful thing, but it can also sometimes be a challenging and unjust reality.

Women are too often objectified by men and shamed by other women for proudly exposing their bodies in ways they are comfortable. We need to stand together, rather than divided.

We’re with Rowan and eager to work towards that change. Are you?

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