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Eva Gutowski Launches Her Own Clothing Line


Eva Gutowski Launches Her Own Clothing Line

“It’s All Wild” is finally here!

If you are a longtime fan of Eva Gutowski, you know that the star has worn many hats in her career. She’s a super successful YouTuber, has acted in her very own show, and even wrote a popular book about her life. Now, she even has her very own clothing line! 

That’s right: Eva just revealed that her stylish and aesthetically-driven collection called It’s All Wild is officially shoppable on her site. Her travel-inspired t-shirts, scarves, sweaters, and dresses (plus her signature airplane pin!) range in price from $10-$68, so she really has something for every budget on her list.

Eva couldn’t contain her excitement about her fashion line launch.

She also wants her fans to know how closely involved she was with creating the line: she didn’t just put her name on something generic.

Her friends Teala Dunn and Alyssa Lynch modeled some of the designs on Instagram.

And Eva’s boyfriend Adam Bartoshesky stars in some seriously #goals photo shoot pics.

Eva’s designs are inspired by her travels, and are perfect for wearing during summer vacation.

And her photo shoot pics for the brand are seriously incredible.

You can watch Eva tell you all about the brand (and how her love for travel began!) in her latest YouTube video below.

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