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EXCLUSIVE: Beauty Influencer Sasha Anne Shared Her Makeup Secrets With Us


EXCLUSIVE: Beauty Influencer Sasha Anne Shared Her Makeup Secrets With Us

Get tips from a beauty guru!

We got to hang out with beauty influencer Sasha Anne right before she hit the red carpet at Beautycon LA recently and we totally picked her brain on all things related to beauty and makeup! 

First things first, Sasha Anne is a talented makeup artist with her own line of lip glosses perfect for any makeup beginner! Check them out here. We knew you guys would want to know about affordable beauty products, summer colors, and more! 

YSBnow: What are the best makeup products for beginners?

Sasha Anne: I remember that my first eye palette was from Claires! I think that’s where everyone gets their first! I really loved it. For other girls, start little, maybe with a Teeny Wee lip gloss and maybe a mascara!

YSBnow: What are your favorite drug store beauty products?

Sasha Anne: I think my favorite drug store brands would be Nyx or Maybelline!

YSBnow: When is the best time to get more bold with makeup and try something new? 

Sasha Anne: A good time to go bolder with makeup is definitely in the summer! For brown eyes, blue really makes them pop and for blue eyes, purple is great. In the summer, definitely go more bold. I like to enhance my eyes because that’s probably my favorite feature of myself. I like a good eyeliner for the waterline and a bold mascara to make my eyes pop!

YSBnow: How would you describe the Sasha Anne brand? 

Sasha Anne: With my brand, I want to inspire people to go for their dreams and I aim to help people with their confidence, because with confidence, you can make your dreams come true!

Check out Sasha Anne’s YouTube channel here:

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