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EXCLUSIVE COVER STORY: Asher Dov Angel Shares His Musical Side


EXCLUSIVE COVER STORY: Asher Dov Angel Shares His Musical Side

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved music,” says the Andi Mack star

You probably know Asher Dov Angel for his role as the crushworthy Jonah Beck on Disney Channel’s Andi Mack. But pretty soon, the entire world is going to know just how incredible Asher’s singing voice is, too. In Part 2 of YSBnow’s exclusive cover story, the multi-talented star dishes all about his ongoing musical journey.

“Ever since I can remember I’ve loved music,” says Asher. “I just love being able to sing. I started off doing musical theatre and I would always sing in front of a large audience. Then, once I started getting into pop music, I loved it even more. I loved singing for my family, singing for my friends – just going around everywhere singing!”

If you’re a dedicated Asher fan, you’ve likely swooned over the cover videos and casual song snippets he frequently shares on Instagram. But while most of his peers went from social media to music, Asher’s journey has been quite the opposite. “I started playing the guitar at 13 and the first song I learned how to play was ‘Hallelujah,'” he smiles. “My dad and I would practice it together. I [also] write my own music.”

“The first song I ever wrote – I think it was called ‘My Girl,'” he laughs. “It’s cute, it’s funny – it’s little kiddish, but it’s nice.” 

Asher finds inspiration from an eclectic mix of artists. “The musicians I look up to would probably be Ed Sheeran, and Bruno Mars – he’s an amazing artist,” he says. “Michael Jackson is a huge inspiration to me. I really like Sam Smith as well. His album is amazing.”

And while Asher is brand new to releasing music (his debut, “Snow Globe Wonderland,” premiered over the holidays), he’s already making a big impact. Huge, in fact. In less than a month, the video garnered over three million views. 

Luckily, there’s more where that came from.”My upcoming music is really joyful and it makes you happy,” he tells us. “When you’re sad, it lifts you up.”

It’s so amazing to see Asher following his dream, and inspiring so many other people while he’s at it. “If your heart tells you to do it, go for it,” he smiles. “Put your mind to it, work hard, and you can make it. Anything is possible.”


Photos by IRVIN RIVERA / / @graphicsmetropolis
Assisted by PHIL LIMPRASERTWONG / / @phillldotcom
Styling by ROBIAT BALOGUN / / @ririrabbit
Grooming by JOSEPH ADIVARI / / @josephadivari
Special thanks to JOBY HARTE of The Partnership LA

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