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Rowan Blanchard Is Releasing a Diary-Style Book


Rowan Blanchard Is Releasing a Diary-Style Book

The “Girl Meets World” star is opening up like never before.

Have you ever wondered what Rowan Blanchard writes in her diary? The “Girl Meets World” actress and activist always shares so much with her fans on social media, and freely talks about the causes and topics that she cares about most. But now, she wants to let fans in on the more personal side of her thoughts. Which is why she’s releasing a diary-style non-fiction book for teens called “Still Here.”

This work features Rowan’s own writings, plus art from her favorite photographers, poets, friends, and more. Since it’s a collection of all of her favorite things, it’s one of the most intimate creations the star has ever publicly shared – and she admits she’s a little nervous about it.

“I just got this thing I made!!!! I’m so bad and so nervous at talking about anything I make because everything feels like my heart being exposed bIt feels crazy to have it in my hands but I sincerely hope I made something for The Teens???? that can somewhat be tangible evidence that we are still surviving ????? growing up in this world is a mystery to me and I think I needed to make something that proved our existence ??????? ?? ,” Rowan posted on her Instagram. 

“Anyway, I feel so exposed now,,, you can pre order it at the link in the bio???? ?? or you can just hold me virtually while I cry because making anything is so scary and vulnerable and embarrassing and from the bottom of my heart I really hope you like it anyway uh you can buy it February 13th and pre order it now ??.”

Of course, we’re mega proud of Rowan for putting herself out there like this, and we’re sure it will be a great read. But we love the sweet message GMW hairstylist Laurie Heaps had so say about this book.

“It’s incredible; like looking into her personal diary. It gives you the sense that you are one of her BFF’s – hanging out in her room, sitting on her bed, while she pours her heart out to you,” Laurie posted on Instagram. “It’s pure, raw, and real. I couldn’t be more thrilled for this wonderful girl ! ??????.”

Talk about an amazing review!

To pre-order Rowan’s book from Razorbill, you can visit the Penguin Random House website.

To see a little sneak peek inside the journal-like book, check out her Instagram gallery below:

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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