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“Love yourself and be yourself because everyone’s beautiful in their own way.”

Ten years ago, Darius Marcell was watching TV at home in Boise, Idaho, when he suddenly pointed to the television set and declared to his mom, “I could do that!” The statement would come as no surprise: A self-described ball of energy, the young dancer entertained on a daily basis, whether he was performing in front of an audience during a recital or making everyone laugh at a family barbeque.

Darius’ mom obliged his wishes and the pair darted off to Los Angeles, where he quickly signed with an agent. Over the years, Darius landed commercials and modeling gigs, all while continuing to train as both a dancer and actor. And in 2017, after years of travel, training, and auditions, Darius walked into the Andi Mack casting offices to audition for the role of Walker. “When I walked out, I thought I did really well,” he recalls. “The next day, my manager called and said I got it. I was freaking out!”

While Andi Mack will sadly air its final episodes this month, Darius will carry the experience – and the pride – with him forever. “The show is doing something different for everyone,” he says. “For any person watching, no matter if you’re red, white, blue, orange, or whoever you love, you can always connect to a person on the show and I think that’s really important. Being able to see someone that relates to you on a Disney show is something really big and I’m just glad that we can start those conversations.”

Darius also loves meeting fans of the groundbreaking series. “When people come up to me and thank me or say I do good on Andi Mack, I feel like I’m living up to what I wanted to be when I was six years old,” he smiles. “Getting to meet them and see the smile on their face means the world to me.”

Even though the show is ending, Darius’ career shows no signs of slowing down. He currently stars in two other series, Brat’s Stuck and Total Eclipse, the latter of which has just started filming its highly-anticipated fourth season. “I grew up in Idaho, a small state, and with the help and support of my mother and with hard work, I got to where I need to be today and I’m still working at it,” he says humbly.

And anyone who’s ever worked with Darius will tell you that he’s one of the happiest people they’ve ever met. “Happiness comes with following your dreams, so follow your dreams and never give up,” he says. “Don’t care what other people think. Love yourself and be you because everyone’s beautiful in their own way. Let’s see that beauty.”


Darius is outfitted by Friar Tux.

Photos by Joe Magnani

Styling by Robiat Balogun

Grooming by Maitlde Campos, Sabrina Porsche, and Anton Khachaturian


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