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“Loving yourself is the most important thing.”

Indiana isn’t just a state in America anymore – because Australian actress, singer, model, and all-around powerhouse Indiana is blowing up. As a little girl, Indiana always had a strong work ethic, but initially strived for a goal outside of the entertainment industry. “I thought I was going to be an athlete and wanted to go to a specialized sporting school,” she says. However, fate would have other plans. “I have really supportive parents and my brother was already coming to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams,” she explains. “And I was like, ‘I want to try this out.'”

After moving to Los Angeles, Indiana nabbed minor acting roles before booking the breakout role of Rooney in Brat’s Chicken Girls. And when she wasn’t on set, Indiana was in the studio, recording songs that have amassed millions of streams online. So how did this girl from the suburbs of Australia become one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars? “Hard work is the most important thing,” she stresses. In fact, every time we sit down with Indiana to discuss her career and her advice for making any dream come true, she emphasizes this. “I can’t stress enough how much you can get done with an incredible work ethic.”

And clearly, all of that hard work is paying off. “I think I’m number two for the second time on Radio Disney, which is really cool, and my song is playing all over America right now, which is insane,” she smiles.

Between all of Indy’s success in both acting and music, and her massive social media following (she just hit one million followers on Instagram), it’s hard to believe that she hasn’t always been confident. “I had the worst stage fright,” she reveals. “I wouldn’t sing or perform in front of anybody!” Eventually, Indiana was able to overcome her shyness by learning to love herself – imperfections and all. “I think my confidence came a little bit with my success, but mostly with working towards it and working to be more confident,” she says. “I know that I have my flaws, but I embrace them, which can be hard now in the day of Instagram.”

Indiana brings up an important point – it’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others on social media. “It’s so important for people to understand that Instagram isn’t everything,” she says. “You have to understand that they choose to highlight those portions of their lives. They have breakdowns just like I do. I cry all the time, but I try and stay positive as much as I can. I want to put that message out to people that follow me and people that support me in my journey.”

And there is one thing Indiana encourages you to do to practice self-love today. “I know it’s kind of cheesy to say, but loving yourself is the most important thing,” she says. “I know it isn’t easy because I’ve been there and I’ve done that, but I think it’s really important to sit down every now and again and be like, ‘I look good!’”

She’s right. You’re so beautiful now!



Photos by Joe Magnani

Makeup by Anton Khachaturian using Jordana Cosmetics

Styling by Robiat Balogun, assisted by Madison Ackerman

Hair by Matilde Campos & Sabrina Porsche

On Indiana: Dress by Winnie Couture, Earrings by Zaxie, Necklace by Adrianna Papell, Rings & Bracelet by Vanna K for Bella Luce

Very special thanks to Tim Byrne


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