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“Being beautiful is being yourself”

Growing up, Liam Attridge says he never expected a life in the spotlight. “I did basketball, soccer, and played baseball for years,” he says. “But in seventh grade, I didn’t make the baseball team.”

At the time, the Long Island native was devastated. “As a kid, you don’t think that things happen for a reason,” he says. “You don’t know that doing one thing leads to a domino effect – that’s just not something you focus on.”

So Liam decided to focus on music and musical theatre. “I did the school plays, I played a bunch of instruments, like piano and guitar, and I took drum lessons,” he shares.  And as busy as he was with music and plays, Liam always made time for family. In 2014, he waited hours in line to cheer on his cousin, Emery Kelly, when he auditioned for The X Factor.

Just one year later, when Emery’s band, Forever In Your Mind, needed a guitarist for a major concert, Liam stepped up to the plate. “It was awesome,” says Liam. “But it was also a defining moment, where you realize that it’s really awesome to do this and you may want to keep doing it.”

The band wanted Liam to keep doing it, too, and invited him to Los Angeles for a two-week trial run in the group. “I packed two suitcases full of clothing and wasn’t expecting anything really,” says Liam. “And after the two weeks, I stayed. And that was it.”

That was two years ago, and he hasn’t let Hollywood change him. “I don’t let people tell me who to be in order to become what I want to be,” he explains. “Because then you’re not doing it for the right reasons, and you lose yourself.”

Liam’s not about fame or fortune. He’s about inspiring fans with his music and message. “Stay true to who you are and surround yourself with people who love you unconditionally,” he says. “If you just follow a dream, it can come true. It will come true. It’s persistence, perseverance, and knowing that this is what you want. Follow your dreams, don’t let anyone tell you no, and always remember: You’re so beautiful now.”

Photos by Joe Magnani

Styling by Robiat Balogun

Grooming by Charles Baker Strahan


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