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EXCLUSIVE: Ethan Wacker Spills ‘Bizaardvark’ First Impressions


EXCLUSIVE: Ethan Wacker Spills ‘Bizaardvark’ First Impressions

What did he think of Jake and his other castmates the first time he met them? Find out!

We visited the set of Bizaardvark before the show aired, we had to ask the cast about their first impressions of each other! Obviously they’re all really good friends and love working together every day, but no one can be BFFs right off the bat!

The funniest answers came from Ethan Wacker who plays Bernie Schotz on the show – his answers are definitely going to surprise you!

Find out what Ethan thought of his castmates when he first met them and let us know in the comments if you’re LOVING Bizaardvark!

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