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“To give all the love in my heart is what I live for.”

PART 1: #SummerOfSkai

2016 was the Summer of Skai Jackson.

Season 2 of her hit show, Bunk’d, premiered on Disney Channel, and you still can’t turn on the TV without seeing her hilarious Old Navy commercial, co-starring Amy Schumer. Plus, with major features in Teen Vogue and 17, Skai’s emerging as a fashion icon.  Her YSBnow photo shoot came out so incredible, that for the first time ever, we split it up into three separate cover stories. 

But it wasn’t just the #SummerofSkai because her career is scorching hot; she also refuses to get burned. At just 14, she’s already learned a valuable lesson that most people don’t realize until they’ve got grandkids. And that’s to stay true to yourself, love yourself, and never, ever let anyone’s negativity affect you. “You can comment all day about how I look or my appearance, but at this point, I really don’t care,” she says. “I just love who I am.” 



PART 2: All Hail The Queen

It’s not Skai’s stunning gown or jeweled crown that make us want to bow down. Her wisdom and spirit make her royalty, not just in Hollywood, but everywhere. “Right now, I have on a lot of makeup, I have my hair done, but that’s for a shoot,” she shares.  “You don’t have to wear tons of makeup. People love you even more when you’re true to yourself and show who you really are.”

And that’s exactly why so many people love Skai.  But on every queen’s court, there will be jesters. “Don’t care about the haters,” she says. “Learn to love yourself because you’re beautiful for who you are.”


PART 3: Slaying Since 2002

Just days after this photo shoot, the comic book artist who created Iron Man character Riri Williams, revealed that Riri is based on Skai Jackson. And we weren’t surprised – because just like the superhero character she inspired, Skai’s pretty much a genius. And she’s been slaying, inspiring, and changing lives since 2002.

And as much as she loves acting and fashion, for Skai, it’s all about making a difference and using her platform to help change the world. “I’m the person who wants to make sure everyone else is okay,” she says. “There are so many people who say I’ve helped them through things they didn’t think they could get past. To give all the love in my heart is what I live for.”

Skai, we’re living for you. You’re So Beautiful Now!

Photos by Joe Magnani

Hair: Kendria “Kitty” Spratt

Makeup: Allison Noelle

Styling: Robiat Balogun

Look 1: Head Wrap: Sabo skirt, Swimwear:  Swim Like a Mermaid, Cover-up: Katyusha, Earrings : Mona Shroff, Cuff: Nissa & Per Lo, Rings: Nissa, Sunglasses: AMI Clubwear

Look 2: Crown: Christina Serrano Designs, Necklace & Leaf Cuff: Nissa, Cuff: Vita Fede, Earrings: Gold Philosophy & Dana Seng, Rings: Nissa & Cutting a Edge Archives, Top: Likely, Skirt: Diana Couture

Look 3: Earrings & Necklaces: Nissa, Gloves : Bruno Carlo, Swim top: Miss Bikini, Shirt: TopShop, Jeans: Molly Bracken, Stocking: TopShop, Boots: Zara

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