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EXCLUSIVE #FitnessFriday Q&A With Ronni Hawk!


EXCLUSIVE #FitnessFriday Q&A With Ronni Hawk!

The “Stuck in the Middle” star reveals her fave workout & top tips

Back in October, Ronni Hawk took her first Up Flying Yoga class. “It’s yoga where you hang from silk ribbons hung on the ceiling,” she says.


And it’s been her go-to workout ever since! If it looks familiar, that’s because Pink incorporated up flying yoga during her 2010 Grammy performance:

As for what she eats before and after a workout? “I have a light breakfast and lots of water,” she says. “Not a good idea to jump around or hang upside down in yoga with a full belly! After, I like a salad and lots of water.”?

We asked Ronni to share her best advice for getting in shape and being healthy. “Make a plan, schedule, and a healthy menu of choices you can eat meals from for the week,” she says.

“Use this as your guide and dedicate yourself for one week. See if you can follow the schedule and I promise you will find yourself with more energy and a better outlook on each week.”?

And remember, it’s not about a number on the scale or clothing tag, it’s about feeling good and being beautiful inside. One of her favorite quotes? “If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of beauty would be.” ?

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