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EXCLUSIVE: Jonny Glenn Opens Up About Combating Negativity and Rejection


EXCLUSIVE: Jonny Glenn Opens Up About Combating Negativity and Rejection

Get to know what inspires the singer, plus hear his advice for following your biggest dreams.

Have you ever dreamt about singing in front of an audience, but then major stage fright started to sneak in? Or, have you ever felt discouraged when your goals for yourself didn’t quite happen the way you wanted them to? Singer Jonny Glenn can totally relate, and now he’s sharing how he got through it all. In our new interview with the up-and-coming artist, he opened up about how he’s dusted himself off after facing negativity and rejection — and how meeting challenges has actually inspired him to move forward. You can check out YSBnow’s exclusive Q&A below!

YSBnow: Do you remember an early music memory from your childhood that inspired you?

Jonny Glenn: Throughout elementary and middle schools, I was in chorus and always was terrified to go to our recitals in front of everyone’s parents. I would come off of the risers drenched in sweat and red in the face. I hated it. My middle school teacher always nudged me to doing a solo and I never wanted to because I was so nervous, but in 8th grade I finally said yes. I think I was 13 years old. I went on stage by myself and did it. The rest of the recital… no sweat, no nerves. I had conquered my fear and was in charge. That was when I knew I wanted the feeling of performing. In that moment, my brain was rewired to fearing the stage, to wanting it.

YSBnow: Can you tell us the message or vibe that you aim to put out there with your music?

Jonny Glenn: I want all of my music that I release to be good. The topics can change, but it has to be good. As a person, I want to share with people something I feel strongly about which is doing what you want. I’ve had friends say that they wished they had my courage to do something out of the norm, out of what everyone expects of them. I think people don’t chase what they want because there is a stigma that they have to do what is expected of them, whether from society or their family, who knows. I want people to believe that they can be GREAT. Every single one of us.

YSBnow: Has there ever been a time you felt really discouraged in following your dreams, and how did you push through it?

Jonny Glenn: Every now and then doubt and what ifs slip into your mind, but I think you just have to ignore it. There’s always a whisper in your ear pulling you in different directions, but you just have to know yourself and believe so fully that whatever it is that you’re pursuing is what you’re meant to be doing on this earth. That’s how I get through. I 100% believe that what I’m doing is what I’m meant to do.

YSBnow: How do you react if you encounter negativity or rejection?

Jonny Glenn: Negativity will always be around you. You just have to ignore it. I say that anyone that’s saying negative things about you is spreading your name for free. Free marketing. And rejection is going to happen. It’s part of it. You almost have to love it because every time you get rejected, you know that you’re that much closer to getting to your end goal. Determination is essential in chasing your dream. No amount of no’s can stop you though.

YSBnow: What advice would you share for our readers who are in pursuit of their own dreams?

Jonny Glenn: Start now. You’d be surprised in the amount of progress you can make in such little time. It takes patience, but you have to begin.

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