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EXCLUSIVE: Maddie & Tae Spill Song & Style Secrets!


EXCLUSIVE: Maddie & Tae Spill Song & Style Secrets!

Maddie & Tae could not be any cooler!

The country music duo is quickly rising to fame. Their song “Girl in a Country Song” off their debut album, Start Here, has already reached star status as a #1 platinum selling single. Impressive, right?

The blonde beauties, whose real names are Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye, both 20 years old, are even up for TWO awards at the upcoming 51st Academy of County Music Awards on April 3: Vocal Duo of the Year and New Vocal Duo of the Year. 

It’s such an exciting time for these sweet country girls, so that’s why we were super stoked to get a chance to chat with both Maddie & Tae! Keep reading to hear more on the girls, the secrets to their adorable country chic style, the inspiration behind their hit “Shut Up And Fish,” and more!

YSBnow: Hi, girls! First off, let’s talk about your song “Shut Up And Fish.” We love it! Can you tell us the story behind it? 

TAE: We were in Oklahoma and really wanted to go fishing so we decided to call up two of our guy friends and ask them to join. Little did we know they would have NO idea what they were doing! Not only were they scared to touch the bait, but they were also trying to flirt. It was a disaster!

MADDIE: The song basically tells the entire story. We took these two city guys fishing with us in Oklahoma (where Tae is from) and it was an awful fishing trip. These guys were talking and trying to bust moves the entire trip so we learned our lesson.

YSBnow: Oh, wow! Talk about AWKWARD! Besides fishing, what are some of your other hobbies?

TAE: I just recently got into knitting! I’m still learning, but I find it very relaxing and a nice little escape.

MADDIE: I’m big on DIY home improvement. I actually re-painted my kitchen cabinets myself in my new house. My boyfriend used to build houses all the time, so he taught me so much and now it’s hard for me to hire people when I can do it myself! I love to find cool wood palettes and make decor out of them. And I’m also a book nerd, so good books are always around me.

YSBnow: So awesome! Now you girls are both Southern girls. What do you love most about the South?

TAE: The food! They don’t call it southern comfort food for no reason. My favorite dish is my momma’s yummy broccoli.

MADDIE: The food, for sure! I’m from Texas, so I get all of the good food there. Tex Mex and Texas BBQ are my favorites. I also love how friendly the people are. The hospitality is great here in the south!

YSBnow: If you had the chance to take a group of fans to your hometown, what are some places you’d take them to and why?

TAE: First, the house I grew up in, so I could show them my room where I wrote my first song and my parents closet, where I taught myself how to sing. Second, my best friends house. To understand me, you have to understand my best friend! She’s got some fun stories about us growing up. Third, my favorite drive-thru spot. It’s a mini store that you actually drive through the middle of to order. They have the best pizza! Fourth, my middle school. I was in 5th grade when we had career day and I remember the exact classroom I was in when I decided what I wanted my career to be… singer/songwriter!

MADDIE: I would take them to my favorite restaurant, Spring Creek Barbecue, for lunch. I would then take them to go fishing at a creek by my house. After that, we would go shopping at this little strip mall we have there. Next, we would go get ice cream at Maggie Moo’s because it’s the best! Lastly, I would probably take them to my house and show them where I started playing guitar and my little music room I would practice in everyday growing up!

YSBnow: Sounds like some fun trips to me! Let’s switch gears a bit and talk beauty and fashion. Can you describe your personal style for us? What are some of your favorite stores to shop at?

TAE: You will probably always catch me wearing booties! My favorite are my brown lace-up pair from Madden Girl.

MADDIE: I swear I was supposed to be born in the 70s when it comes to fashion. I love the boho hippie look. My favorite thing right now are flare jeans, because they make us short girls look taller! I find a lot of cute tops at Marshalls, Free People and Forever 21.

YSBnow: Can you give our readers 3-5 style tips on how they can “get your country chic” look?

TAE: FRINGE! Any item of clothing with fringe will be your best friend if you are wanting to create a country chic/boho look. I personally love wearing fringe jackets and vests! Also, braids. Braided hairstyles are a great way to add some boho to your style. Lastly, throw on a worn-out vintage tee. It will go with everything!

MADDIE: You’ve got to have some good boots. I love a good cowboy boot, but I’ve been loving the heeled tall boots lately. Again, flare jeans dress up any outfit and look great on short girls like myself. I’m huge on good necklaces. I love stackable necklaces to add a little something to every outfit. Free People has great ones!

YSBnow: It’s always fun to dress up, but when do YOU feel most beautiful? 

TAE: I love not wearing makeup! I feel clean and free!

MADDIE: I feel most beautiful with no makeup on, and in jeans, a T-shirt and a ball cap. That is when I am 100% me. No glam, no fancy clothes, just me. That’s when I am most comfortable so that’s when I feel most beautiful.

Can’t get enough of Maddie & Tae? Check out some of their adorable music videos below!


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