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EXCLUSIVE PICS: The Vamps, New Hope Club & HRVY Wrap Their Tour Together in NYC


EXCLUSIVE PICS: The Vamps, New Hope Club & HRVY Wrap Their Tour Together in NYC

Team YSBnow was on the scene to catch this incredible “Night & Day” tour stop.

What do you get when you combine New Hope Club, HRVY, and The Vamps? This season, we got an incredible tour that combined the musical talents of all three acts. On Thursday night, the YSBnow team caught the final stop on The Vamps’ “Day & Night” US tour at the Playstation Theatre in New York City.

One of the things we love most about New Hope Club is how they reinvent other artists’ most popular songs for covers on their YouTube channel. They learn songs so quickly and give them all their own creative spin. But during this performance, we were absolutely blown away by their performance of their latest original song, “Crazy.” It’s really worth getting hyped about!

Another incredible moment is when the guys took the stage again to surprise HRVY during his final song — where Blake Richardson and George Smith had a fun little dance battle with HRVY and his backup dancers.

It was a really fun treat for the crowd that showed off these pranksters’ silly side!

HRVY himself had audiences energized and grooving to his set list full of danceable tracks. It was a total party from the second he hit the stage. Our favorite moment from the 19-year-old singer’s performance was when he sang his hit song “Personal.” Honestly, the whole crowd must have agreed with us on this one, because this song garnered the loudest cheers of his whole set!

When The Vamps hit the stage, they were met with a welcoming roar from the audiences. The guys had played this exact same NYC venue three years ago (way too long!), and many devoted fans were repeat attendees from that exciting show. 

Keeping that nostalgia factor going, the guys worked older favorites like “Oh Cecilia,” “Somebody To You,” and “Last Night” into their set list, along with their latest stuff like “Personal,” “Just My Type,” and “What Your Father Says.”

In the past year alone, the guys have released around 30 new songs with their two-part “Day & Night” album and special edition tracks. We can barely keep up with all their new stuff, but we want it to keep coming at us because it’s so electrifying.

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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