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EXCLUSIVE: #SkincareSaturday With Ellise!


EXCLUSIVE: #SkincareSaturday With Ellise!

The singer spills her daily routine & top tips

Whether it’s wearing sunscreen or drinking lots of water, it’s so important to keep your skin healthy! In our newest column, #SkincareSaturday, a different celeb will share her tips and daily routine. This week, it’s the stunning singer, Ellise!

YSBnow: What’s your daily skincare routine?

Ellise: In the morning, when I take a shower, I always make sure to wash my face, and I exfoliate two to three times a week. I also use moisturizer and under eye lightening serum before I put on my makeup or leave my house. At nighttime, I always make sure to take off my makeup, wash my face, put on a face mask, (my favorite is the “don’t look at me” mask by Lush), then rinse it off and go to sleep!

YSBnow: What are your best tips for keeping your complexion clear and healthy?


  • ALWAYS take off your makeup before going to sleep!
  • Try to wash your face twice a day
  • Try to go makeup free at least once a week to give your skin a break.

YSBnow: How do you cover up a bad pimple?

Ellise: The best way to cover up a zit is with concealer! My favorite concealer is by NARS in “custard.”

YSBnow: What are some of your fave products?

Ellise: I love Clean & Clear products! You can get them at CVS or Target, they’re super affordable and REALLY work. Their blotting wipes are amazing!!

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