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EXCLUSIVE: Sofia Wylie Spills the Scoop on “SHOOK”


EXCLUSIVE: Sofia Wylie Spills the Scoop on “SHOOK”

Plus, watch the first episode!

Plus, watch the first episode!

Sofia Wylie may just be the busiest girl in Hollywood! Before her critically-acclaimed series, Andi Mack, even aired its final episode, she nabbed the role of Gina on the highly-anticipated High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. And somehow, Sofia also found the time to film Shook, a brand new short-form series for Disney Channel’s YouTube channel.

On the show, which premiered on Saturday, she gets to showcase her incredible dancing skills. (Did you know Sofia even danced backup for Justin Bieber?!) Despite her busy schedule, Sofia gave us a call and spilled the details on her exciting new show. Check out our Q&A!

Q: Tell us about your character, Mia, and how she’s similar to both yourself and your character, Buffy, on Andi Mack

A: Well, Mia is a very passionate and driven young woman, but she takes on a lot of responsibility. She’s a 15-year-old girl, but she’s kind of 15 going on 30. She’s kind of become the second parent in her household because her dad has passed away. Myself and Mia are very similar, but I’m also realizing that Buffy and Mia and very similar, too. Buffy never really loved to talk about her feelings and it was kind of hard for her to be vulnerable and I think the same goes for Mia and I think the same goes for most human beings in the world.

It’s very scary to truly express how you’re feeling, especially when you’re going through grief. If you say it out loud it’s real, but if you just kind of ignore and put all of these responsibilities on yourself and keep yourself busy with life, it will catch up to you. But you have to go through it and deal with it, and Mia learns that communication and friendship and relationships are so important – you can’t just go at it alone and be your own hero. You need a team and a support system to get through anything and everything in life. I know that from personal experience. You try and be that person who’s always fine, but nobody’s always fine. I think people will really relate to Mia and they’ll see a different side of me for acting, and much more dancing, too!

Q: Yes, tell me about the dancing!

A: There’s a lot of dance sequences within the show, which were so much fun to film because everything is just elevated. There’s one specific dance later in the series that’s just so empowering and you see Mia really for the first time living in her own skin and loving it and having fun with dance. And in the dance scenes, she is her best self in those fantasy moments. So throughout the series, she’s struggling to become her best self and express herself fully as real-life Mia. But I love whenever she has those fantasies because I got to be the most confident version of Sofia Wylie I could ever dream of!

Watch the first episode of Shook below!

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