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EXCLUSIVE VID: Inside Claire’s #DreamBigAwards Ceremony


EXCLUSIVE VID: Inside Claire’s #DreamBigAwards Ceremony

Hayden Summerall, Carson Lueders, & more of your fave celebs were there!

Hey guys! YSBnow reporter Natasha here! 

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending The Claire’s Dream Big Awards and the whole time I was there, I just couldn’t wait to tell you guys all about it. The totally inspiring event took place at the super swanky Beverly Hills Hotel and kicked off with activities like ear piercing (I found some courage and got a second ear piercing!), a video & photo booth, and awesome games. I got lucky playing the wheel spin and won a totally cool Hello Kitty cup that I’m currently drinking orange juice out of! LOL!

During the first hour, everybody mingled and took photos in front of the Claire’s backdrop and I got to catch up with your fave stars in attendance, like Hayden Summerall, Johnny Orlando, Dylan Conrique, and more! We had to talk about ear piercing since Claire’s is pretty much THE place to get your ears pierced, and since it was the Dream Big Awards, they all spilled advice for their fans who want to dream big! 

After the activities and interviews, it was time for the ceremony and luncheon. Things kicked things off with a super inspiring speech from Melanie Berry, who’s totally the kind of person we look up to at YSBnow! Melanie, who works for Claire’s, spoke about ideas and topics we discuss with your fave stars all the time, like not letting social media define you and how you can make any dream you have come true.

Melanie also said something that I can’t stop thinking about. “The reason we’re really here is that we love people who believe in themselves and can help other people to believe in themselves and support them,” she said. “People who inspire others to believe in themselves make the world a better place.” How YSBnow is that?!

In fact, that’s what the Dream Big Awards were all about. The girls who were honored yesterday were all leaders in their own communities.

The already epic afternoon was only made better by the performances from YSBnow faves Carson Lueders, who sang an unreleased song from five years ago called “Dream Big,” and Johnny Orlando, who debuted his upcoming duet with Mackenzie Ziegler!

Thank you, Claire’s, for an afternoon full of inspiration, creativity, and total girl power! Below, watch our exclusive event coverage, as well as the livestream:

All photos by Tiffany Rose

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