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EXCLUSIVE VID: We Had Breakfast With New Hope Club


EXCLUSIVE VID: We Had Breakfast With New Hope Club

The guys answered fan questions while chowing down!

If you’re not already obsessed with New Hope Club, we can confirm that you’re missing out. The British three-piece boy band is definitely filling the One Direction sized hole in our hearts. Blake, Reece, and George are totally adorable, crazy talented, and super charming! 

We invited the guys over to hang out with us to talk about their new music and since our interview was in the morning, they came prepared with a full breakfast spread! 

Watch as the guys teach us what’s what in the world of English breakfast cuisine, all the while answering the questions you guys sent in! 

Watch now: 

After you’ve watched our video, make sure to check out the guys’ latest music video for their song “Tiger Feet” here:

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