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There Was An Online 1D Reunion Today – Here’s What Went Down!


There Was An Online 1D Reunion Today – Here’s What Went Down!

“Can you believe this after so long?” – Liam asked his former bandmates

There is a HUGE One Direction sized hole in our hearts and the only thing that can fill it is tiny bits and pieces of when we see the guys formally known as 1D interact. Sure, playing their albums on repeat and watching the music videos over and over again helps too, but there’s nothing quite like a tweet between former bandmates or a run-in on a red carpet to get our little Directioner hearts beating fast again. 

So, when Liam tweeted at Harry, Niall, AND Louis today, we had to freak out about it. This morning, Directioners got “#OneDirectionBestFans” trending and it caught Liam’s eye! Liam was so proud of his amazing fans that he publicly let the other guys know about it! 

In the past, there’s been some speculation that the guys aren’t friends anymore or that there was so tension between them, especially after Liam’s questionable “I used to be in 1D, now I’m out free” lyric.

But not to worry, fam! The guys are on good terms and a friendly social media interaction like this one warms our hearts! We should also say a big congrats to Niall, who got his music video hashtag trending too!

In case you haven’t seen it, check it out here:

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