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“Find what’s different about you and that’ll help you grow.”

When you first look at her Instagram, you see a stunning girl with millions of followers. But Jordyn Jones is so much more than that. The Michigan native started dancing at such a young age that she can’t even remember her first class or teacher. What she can remember is falling in love with dance and dreaming of one day doing it on television. ”My schedule was wake up, eat pancakes, go to school, eat, go straight to dance until 9 PM and then do my homework,” she smiles.


Jordyn’s hard work eventually paid off when an agent saw her performing in a dance competition and quickly signed her, urging her to make the move to Los Angeles where she could begin pursuing professional opportunities. One of Jordyn’s opportunities was joining a girl group, which ignited another passion: singing.

But because her role in the girl group was to be its lead dancer, Jordyn didn’t get to do much singing. After the group disbanded, Jordyn was determined to succeed as a recording artist. So she started working with a vocal coach, hitting the studio, and uploading her own covers and original music to YouTube, where her channel has since racked up over 164 million views.


Along the way, she’s also racked up over 4 million Instagram followers, but that’s not Jordyn’s endgame. “Kids growing up in this generation have a lot of weight on their shoulders because of what they see on Instagram,” she shares. “Because of the girls’ bodies, because of what they think that they’re eating. But in reality, we’re all going through the same things and we’re all struggling with insecurities. Every day you’re like, ‘Should I post this one or should I post this one?’ It shouldn’t matter what you post. It’s all about your personality and your heart.”



Jordyn says it’s also all about following your dreams – because anything is possible when you work hard and believe in yourself. “I was a normal girl that went to school,” she shares. “I had dreams and I reached for them. For everyone that’s thinking, ‘Oh my dreams are too far away,’ if you want it, you can do it. If you love soccer and want to be a professional soccer player, the extra hard work that you’re going to put into it and the mindset that you’re going to have is what’s going to make you do it.”

And most importantly? “Stay true to yourself,” says Jordyn. “Don’t try to be someone else. Find your own style, find what’s different about you, and that’ll help you grow.”




Photos by Joe Magnani

Styling by Robiat Balogun (assisted by Sinai Robles)

Hair Michaeline Becker

Makeup Anton Khachaturian

On Jordyn:

Dress – One Trieu Yeu

Bracelet – Seven Saints

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