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Steal Jordyn Jones’ Summer Swimsuit Style


Steal Jordyn Jones’ Summer Swimsuit Style

6 looks that’ll have you strutting all summer long in your swimwear!

Jordyn Jones is pretty lucky to be living in Los Angeles, where she can hit the beach year round! Check out our favorite swimwear styles for your summer style inspiration!

  1. Floral Bikini

This bikini is so cute and simple and the black borderlines really make the floral pattern pop!


2. Leopard Print Bikini

Jordyn loves leopard print and it’s pretty much always on trend, so you’re good to go with a printed bikini! Try zebra print too to switch up the animal prints!


3. Red Bikini

Jordyn is wearing this really simple, but bold, red bikini in this pic with her BF! Red is a great color for the beach because it totally makes you pop!

4. Simple Black Bikini

This black bikini so simple, but so chic!


5. Pink Tie Dye With Strings

This watercolor, tie-dye patterned bikini is fab for summer and trendy with the ties hanging down! We love the cut of it and the color is super feminine.

6. Neon Mix n’ Match

Jordyn rocks a bright neon bikini, but she switched up the top and bottom with different colors! Invest in a few bold tops and bottoms and switch them up depending on your mood!


Let us know which of these looks is your fave, and tag us in your fashion finds! Also, what celeb should we feature in our next #YSBnowFashion411 column? Tweet us @ysbnow!


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