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Fashion Vlogger Loey Lane Wants A Plus-Size Disney Princess


Fashion Vlogger Loey Lane Wants A Plus-Size Disney Princess

“We can’t all look exactly the same.”

Loey Lane is an amazing role model! Not only is she queen of fashion, but she knows just how important representation is, which is why she thinks “that Disney should create a plus-size Disney princess.” We couldn’t agree more, Loey!

In March, Loey wore a Little Mermaid-inspired bathing suit for a photo shoot and looked absolutely stunning. Loey said that she’d never received that many compliments in public at once, and understandably so! “We need more of that. We need to empower young girls and women…to feel beautiful in their bodies.”

After her photo shoot as the “Not So Little Mermaid,” she opened up about a heartbreaking memory of when classmates called her Ursula. “The fact that the closest thing to my body that I could get was Ursula just hurt me so badly as a kid. And I grew up never saying that I wanted to be a princess or playing princess with the other girls. I know that it would have boosted my self esteem if I had someone that I could relate to,” she explained.

The fashion vlogger later shared in a  Cosmopolitan video exactly why she’s asking Disney to finally create a plus-sized princess. “I think it’s so important for there to be more diversity in everything that young girls and boys consume,” and encourages everyone to spread the same message.

We totally agree — let your voices be heard!

Check out Loey’s video for Cosmo here!

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