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This 8-Year-Old Is Exposing Sexism In Children’s Clothing And Standing Up For Girls Everywhere


This 8-Year-Old Is Exposing Sexism In Children’s Clothing And Standing Up For Girls Everywhere

We chatted with her mom about the inspiring viral vid!

What began as a typical trip to the store for little Daisy Edmonds and her mom last Saturday ended in an important conversation about sexism and gender norms. Now, the 8-year-old from the U.K. is going viral for all the right reasons!

In a Facebook video, Daisy passionately points out the problematic difference between the slogans on boys’ and girls’ t-shirts in the clothing section of her local supermarket.

While the boy tops have phrases like ‘adventure awaits’, ‘hero’ and ‘think outside the box’ on them, the girl shirts offer less inspiring messages of ‘beautiful,’ ‘I feel fabulous’ and “hey!”

“It’s unfair because everyone thinks that girls should just be pretty and boys should be adventurous,” says Daisy in the video. “Why should boys and girls clothes even be separated? We’re just as good as each other.”

“Boys get ‘think outside the box’ which means be adventurous and go for your dreams,” she continues. “And the girls get ‘Hey.’ I don’t find that inspiring. What does that mean? What does that inspire you to do?”

Daisy’s mom, Becky Edmonds, told us that these types of issues are actually discussed often in their household, between Daisy and her younger sisters Lauren and Arabella. 

“We talk to the girls about everything. We talk with them about body image. We talk about world issues. We talk about being the best and giving your best. We talk about not being defined by what others think,” she said. “We want to help them grow up into women who are confident in forming their own opinions.”

After offering her critique of the clothing, Daisy took matters into her own hands. Thinking that girls ought to be adventurous too, she fearlessly took shirts from the boys’ section and dispersed them throughout the girls’ department.

“As a parent I would say ‘girl power’ is about equipping our daughters with a deep sense of self-belief and confidence, so that whatever they decide to be or do, they know they have what it takes to do it to the fullest of their capabilities,” she said. “It’s about girls cheering each other on instead of tearing each other down so that all across the board the bar keeps getting raised.”

As her mom explains, her daughter proves there are no limits to what a girl can be. Daisy participates in a lot of extra curricular activities, including dance, performing arts, girl scouts, martial arts, gymnastics, piano and guitar.

The video was originally posted to Lolly and Doodle, Daisy and her younger sister’s shared Facebook page. The account is managed by their parents and was created to connect with family.

“Last week [it] had a total of 8 likes,” says Becky. “You can see from the other videos none of them had any views hardly. I had no idea this was going to happen!”

As of today, their page has nearly 6,000 likes and the video has been viewed millions of times.

For more of Daisy and her sisters, check them out on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Way to go, girl!

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