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#FierceFriday: 5 Old-School DCOM Stars You Should Be Following on Instagram!


#FierceFriday: 5 Old-School DCOM Stars You Should Be Following on Instagram!

Let’s take a walk down memory lane!

From High School Musical to Camp Rock, Disney Channel original movies (aka DCOMs) were a huge part of our childhood! They inspired us to be the best we could be and always follow our dreams. And it’s not just the movies that were inspiring; the actors in them are role models in real life, too. Here are 7 DCOM stars that will inspire you now just like their movies did back then!

1. Monique Coleman was babysitting when “High School Musical” first premiered on Disney Channel! The movie launched her into superstardom – and since then, she’s used her celebrity to create a positive change in the world.

After spending a few years focusing on philanthropy with organizations like the UN and, Monique’s returned to films and has two movies slated for release this year. We can’t wait to see them!

2. Our other favorite HSM cast member is KayCee Stroh. Remember when everyone thought she and Meghan Trainor were the same person!? Even Miley Cyrus was talking about it!

After wrapping the three “High School Musical” films, KayCee moved back to her home state of Utah and now has two adorable kids!

KayCee inspired us then, by showing that you didn’t have to be stick thin to be an amazing (and successful!) dancer. And she still inspires us with posts like these:

3. We loved Alyson Stoner in “Camp Rock” and she’s done a ton of other roles since then. But her biggest role is as a volunteer, and she’s constantly working with charities like the Red Cross, even traveling to other countries to make a difference.

And she can SANGGGGG – check out her new cover of “Close.”

4. Hayley Kiyoko totally crushed it in “Camp Rock,” too, and we loved her on “CSI: Cyber.” But if you wanna see her amazing music, follow her on Instagram!

5. You’ll remember Christy Carlson Romano from “Even Stevens” and “Cadet Kelly.” We’re happy to share that she’s still just as fierce as the legendary character she voiced, Kim Possible!

After finishing high school, Christy left Hollywood in order to further her education at Barnard College in NYC. She’s since starred on Broadway, written an award-winning novel, and even interned for the US Senate!

And now, she’s got the most exciting role of her life – Chrissy’s a mommy!

Did we leave anyone off this list? Tweet us @ysbnow!

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