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The Power Rangers Cast Just Surprised 500 Middle School Students!


The Power Rangers Cast Just Surprised 500 Middle School Students!

“Kids don’t only need school supplies in August and September,” says Becky G.

We cannot wait to see the new Power Rangers movie tonight, and now, we’ve got one more reason to love its incredible cast. Just a few hours ago, the movie’s five stars (Becky G, Dacre Montgomery, RJ Cyler, Naomi Scott and Ludi Lin) surprised hundreds of middle school students in California at a special assembly!

They teamed up with Yoobi, a school supplies company that gives back, and talked about their favorite school supplies growing up. They also talked about the importance of creativity and using their imaginations, and taught them a lesson on how just like school supplies, the Rangers work best when working together – like how a sharpener helps to sharpen the pencil and the eraser is there to help if things go wrong.

Through its partnership with the Kids In Need Foundation (KINF), Yoobi donated essential school supplies to more than 500 students across the school.  Each of the Power Rangers took the time to individually hand out all of the items to the kids and took photos!

Becky G sang her song “Shower” acapella and when RJ Cyler (the Blue Ranger) was asked to dab, he invited the kids up to the front to dab with him!

“Kids don’t only need school supplies in August and September,” says Becky G. “This effort by Yoobi, and the Kids In Need Foundation, recognizes the ongoing expense many teachers face throughout the school year, and helps level the playing field so that every kid has a chance to succeed in school.”

It’s amazing to see the cast using their powers for good off-screen. And we can’t wait to see them do that tonight, on-screen! Check out the trailer below:



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