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Fifth Harmony Defends Little Mix’s “Provocative” Outfits


Fifth Harmony Defends Little Mix’s “Provocative” Outfits

“We’re women and we want to embrace that, so whatever makes us feel good.”

by Danielle Sinay

In true girl-power fashion, Fifth Harmony, AKA the voice(s) of reason, have come together to defend fellow girl group Little Mix and their “provocative” outfits.

When asked about Little Mix’s latest performance on the X Factor, Fifth Harmony enthusiastically gushed, “It was fabulous! They sounded fabulous, they were fabulous, they are fabulous!”

Though it wasn’t the performance they faced heat for — it was their clothing.

Critics deemed Little Mix’s apparel inappropriate,” and X Factor Judge Mel C, of the ironically pro-girl-power Spice Girls, went so far as to compare them to “strippers.” 

When probed further about the incident, Normani came to the girl group’s defense, saying that “It definitely makes me query as to where we are in the world right now. We’re women and we want to embrace that, so whatever makes us feel good.”

“If I want to wear shorts or a crop top, that doesn’t necessarily make [me] a slut,” she continued. “It just means I’m confident in my body because I work really hard for it!”


And she’s right — there is no such thing as a “slutty” outfit, because first of all, that doesn’t exist, but even if it did —

“SLUTS” AREN’T ‘BAD.’ This language is blatantly discriminatory and sexist, invalidating a woman’s right to choose what she wears – unless, of course, they choose what YOU approve of (like, I don’t know, big sweaters?) which sounds a lot like misogyny, y’all.

In conclusion: Wear whatever you want, let others wear they want, and stop slut-shaming women. Thanks!


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