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The Williams’ Sisters Are Opening a Center for Victims of Violence


The Williams’ Sisters Are Opening a Center for Victims of Violence

The center is in honor of their late sister, Yetunde Price.

All it takes is a brief glance at today’s movie trends to see how deeply ingrained violence is in our society. From gun violence to domestic violence, chances are that many of us know someone, or at least know someone who knows someone, who has been a victim of violence. We may even know someone who has lost their life due to it.

The Williams sisters fall into the latter category. The two powerhouse tennis players, Venus and Serena, lost their sister, Yetunda Price, to a drive-by shooting 13 years ago. Now, to honor her memory, they are opening The Yetunde Price Resource Center. The center will give relief and service to families of violence in Compton, California, where they hail from.

“The resource center will serve as vital support to existing nonprofits and organizations that provide critical services to our community,” said Compton Mayor Aja Brown. “[It] will…map all of the resources in and around the Compton community while providing customized assistance that will be a vital asset to improving our ability to service our youth, adults and families.”

We’re so sorry that Venus and Serena had to go through such a heart-wrenching tragedy in their lives, but we think it’s amazing that they are giving back to and connecting with their community through it. Hopefully the Yetunde Price Resource Center will help to change–and save–some lives.

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